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  Who are ASPs?

Abbreviated as ASP, a third-party entity that manages and distributes software-based services and solutions to customers across a wide area network from a central data center. In essence, ASPs are a way for companies to outsource some or almost all aspects of their information technology needs.

The most limited sense of this business is that of providing access to a particular application program (such as medical billing) using a standard protocol such as HTTP.

The importance of this marketplace is reflected by its size. Clients for ASP services include businesses, government organizations, non-profits, and membership organizations.

The application software resides on our system and is accessed by users through a web browser using HTML or by special purpose client software provided by us. Custom client software can also interface to these systems through XML APIs. These APIs can also be used where integration with in-house systems is required.

There are a number of advantages to this approach, including:
Software integration issues are eliminated from the client site.
Software costs for the application are spread over a number of clients.
We can build more application experience than the in-house staff
  ASPs are a completely new way to sell and distribute software and software services. Although ASPs were possible before the advent of the Web, the Web makes them so easy to create that they have proliferated hugely in the last several years.

The ASP model can be extremely appealing to businesses -- especially small businesses and startups -- because it can drastically lower the costs of software and services.

iTech as an application service provider offers contractual services to deploy, host, manage, and lease from a centrally managed location what is usually packaged application software. We handle more complex applications and offer services such as consulting, customisation, and technical support.

Our services also involve applications in the Web hosting and e-commerce arenas. Other areas of activity include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-mail and messaging applications.

Our goal is to make the management of information technology transparent and reliable for our customers. We will provide the staff, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain and sustain the most reliable and up-to-date service.

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