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  iTech Services Limited has a rich resource of qualified and experienced IT Engineers, Trainers, Developers and consultants. Our team is qualified across various areas of IT including Networking, Software, Web and Hardware. Our team qualifications range from vendor certifications to Degree and Masters Programmes. Professional Qualifications include qualifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Sun Microsystems, Oracle ...  
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The rapid evolution of technology is radically changing the way enterprises are structured and how they carry out their business. Those seeking to achieve corporate goals are facing significant changes in roles and ...
  The rapid evolution of technology is radically changing the way enterprises are structured and how they carry out their business. Those seeking to achieve corporate goals are facing significant changes in roles and responsibilities whilst having to cope with rapidly changing technological tools to do their jobs.

Information Technology Facts!
Out of the total UK workforce of 27 million, 20 million people use IT, 40% of IT users have received NO training.
IT will become the new utility a fundamental service alongside electricity, gas and water.
Successful exploitation of IT by business and government is essential to the future of the UK.
If you have invested in IT to deliver your business you need to consider the IT skills that your staff have.
The rapid evolution of technology is making possible radical changes in the way enterprises are structured and how they carry out their business.
  Before you embark on a heavy investment in Training and IT specific skills, consider analysing your business needs against the IT available in your business.  We will look at what you have and where you would like to be and map the business requirements to the skills needed for your company by creating you a competence matrix as follows:  
  10 essential steps to conduct this study  
Management Brief
Business Needs
Establish Staff Requirements/Job Roles
Benchmark Current Position
Identify Shortfalls
Skills Gap Analysis
Develop Business Specific Competence Framework
Design Training Programme
Deliver Training Programme optional
Evaluate Business Benefits/Training Programme if desired
  We believe that the best way of ensuring business benefits alongside developing your staff is to take a holistic view of what is required to achieve both the best out of your business and the best for your staff as individuals.

Using the above analysis will help you achieve the following benefits:
Research has shown that people with the appropriate IT skills can save approximately 30 minutes per day.
In a business of 100 if 40% of your staff are not trained, you are losing 20 hours of productivity everyday. Using the average hourly salary £25,000.00/1800 working hours equates to £260 lost every day or £36,000 every year! And that is only at the cost rate.
Giving staff the appropriate training makes them more motivated, faithful and appreciative of your company for giving them the opportunity to develop their skills think of the money you will save on retention and recruitment costs.
A Standardised approach will provide business benefits especially in larger organisations.
  Why do we need to conduct a study?  
Increased productivity and decrease administrative costs in the measurement process.
Analyse data to measure increases in employee job performance due to training.
Increased ROI (return on investment) from cost savings achieved through better focussed training.
Scaleable and replicable measurement process for organisation -wide results.
Benchmark internally and externally to motivate by example.
Flexible solutions to meet all measurement needs to all levels of staff.
  Onsite Training  
  Training can help your most important asset operate at peak performance. Your people are by far the most important factor in the success of your business and training from iTech can give them the tools they need to succeed.

We offer a variety of training packages that are tailored to your clients' specific business profiles. The training is delivered at the clients' convenience, on-site and per department, to save costs and provide maximum benefit to those attending.

Our trainers are experienced at integrating their courses with the implementation of new systems. Training increases your staff's ability to solve problems for themselves and get on with their jobs more efficiently. At the same time greater knowledge reduces the workload on your IT so that it can be more efficient and can focus on more important concerns.

Onsite training has more benefits, such as the management can ensure the attendance of the participants, save on travel costs and travel time. Employees can immediately return to their desks to resume their duties as normal once the training is over. Onsite Training can also help trainers to asses working environment/trends and address to any special needs.

iTech Services Limited aims to be UK 's leading Corporate Training provider to the corporate business houses, in a wide range of subjects. We conduct training programs on technical subjects to IT professionals as well as office automation products for IT users.

Our training programs have been very well received by participating organisations . We put a lot of emphasis on delivering top-quality training programs, which are tailored to suit the requirements of client organisations , level of the participants and their prior familiarity with the subject.

We have a formal and rigorous process of internal training, evaluation and certification of our training professionals to ensure that the programs delivered by them provide value for money to the participants.
  Rapid advances in technology mean that people must update their skills equally rapidly.  With the pressures on IT to maintain existing systems and to develop new solutions, IT professionals are often too busy to acquire critical new skills, the very skills that would enable them to drive full business value from their company's IT investment.  
  iTech offers Training in two unique ways:  
All trainers have come from the business environment and have experience in both private and public sectors, large and small businesses and have worked in both in UK and overseas. All trainers are professionally qualified.
iTech offers tailored training packages to individual client needs by examining the business solutions required before any training is delivered.
  We ensure that we understand specific issues involved in implementing and managing a successful IT solution. Our training courses reflect these issues, and provide hands-on training to help you use your new skills in today's real world environment.

The following diagram displays how we put this into practise :
  To ensure that the time spent on the training is cost effective and gives a good return on investment, iTech will perform a training needs analysis before delivering any training. Time is spent ensuring that the training meets both business and IT objectives, increasing staff efficiency.