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  iTech will provide IT cleaning services. We have a trained team of cleaners who are capable of delivering a high quality result to IT cleaning requirements. We are able to offer standard IT cleaning services but are also willing to discuss your particular requirements and customise services according to your requirements.

PC's and Peripheral equipment, we are able to clean all office electronic equipments including telephones. We will clean your equipment at a time that best suits the client business requirements.

UK Health and safety law requires that this equipment should be maintained including cleaning. We will prepare job sheets which will include the log of equipment asset numbers and present this on a spread sheet. This will enable you to show when the equipment was last cleaned. This document is currently an excellent record but could become a must with the proposed amendments of the Health and Safety Laws due to be endorsed in Europe soon.

Computer Rooms , we propose to undertake cleaning of various types of computer rooms from ISO Class 2 Clean rooms to general rooms used as server rooms. We offer cleanliness to a high level of quality. The frequency of cleaning these rooms will depend on many factors including the protocols in place to combat the ingress of dust.

Cleaning services will include the following areas:

Removal of dust and non-permanent stains
Cleaning of VGA cables
Cleaning of any reflectors or mounting stands
Cleaning the dust in the gaps between the keys and the surface around the keys.
Cleaning the cable with solutions
  Processing Units
Removing dust from all external surfaces
Cleaning air ducts and ventilations
  Laser Printers
Removing dust accumulated from the toners
Cleaning external surfaces of display panels and controls
Cleaning of paper trays
Cleaning of LPT cables and power cables
  Inkjet Printers
Removing dust from the external surface
Cleaning inside covers cleaning fluids
Cleaning paper feeds with cleaning fluids
  Dot Matrix Printers
Removing dust from external surfaces
Cleaning all surfaces with cleaning fluids
Cleaning of headsets and cables
Removing dust and pieces of paper from internal surfaces
Cleaning dust from all surfaces
Cleaning of cables
Cleaning with anti-bacterial fluid
Cleaning dust from all surfaces
Cleaning of cables
Cleaning paper feeds
Cleaning Schedule
  For 500 units job will be carried out over a period of 3 nights prior to move weekend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 18.00 and 02.00.

Ideally the team will comprise of a Team Leader and 4 IT Cleaners.