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  iTech Services Limited has a rich resource of qualified and experienced IT Engineers, Trainers, Developers and consultants. Our team is qualified across various areas of IT including Networking, Software, Web and Hardware. Our team qualifications range from vendor certifications to Degree and Masters Programmes. Professional Qualifications include qualifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Sun Microsystems, Oracle ...  
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The rapid evolution of technology is radically changing the way enterprises are structured and how they carry out their business. Those seeking to achieve corporate goals are facing significant changes in roles and ...
  Our computer hardware and networking team comprising of 70 experienced Engineers will provide assistance in sizing up your requirements for computer hardware solutions so that your investments deliver maximum performance. Our design team will help you design a state of the art site that can scale in size and performance when required.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following
Network design and implementation
IT Relocation solutions
Cable Management solutions
Desktop Support
Selection of processor architecture
Installation of operating systems (Unix,NT/Win2000), application of latest patches and creation of file system specific to your
Database/application requirements
Implementation of security on your servers (SSL,TCP wrappers etc.) Implementation of high availability via clustering (Veritas and Sun)
Load Balancing
Configuration of routers, firewalls, VPN etc.
Implementation of DNS Servers and/or DNS solutions and maintenance
Setup of rack units(to mount servers) in a server cabinet
Hosting services(in-house as well as server farms)
Design and implementation of effective firewalls
Implementing backup solutions with third party applications or with our own automated backup scripts
Design and implementation of security policies for your local intranet